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Virginia Beach Golfer provides the best public golf resource for the area. Whether your looking for a links, parkland, Carolina or oceanfront style golf course, you can find it here.  


Opening in 2007 and built on 1.5 million tons of utility fly ash to create a semblance of elevations in the dead flat low land swamps of Chesapeake. The fairways have nice modern flow with sizable contouring and plenty of bunkering and grassy hollows. Most of the fill material was used to create the mounding between holes and build up the slightly elevated greens. The greens have some nice undulation but you won't find any tiering on these very small greens. There are a few spots where your might have up to forty feet of elevations but most of the course rolls and swails gently. The idea behind this course was to bring a links style course to the area full of Carolina style courses. The wind is usually a factor but perhaps not as much as if the course were actually on the ocean. For a links style course, there is a lot of water to contend with. Eight holes have large lakes or small ponds which must be carried or played around. Don't be fooled by the yardage, it is a par 70 not a par 72 and plenty long. Being so new, there is still a lot of growing in to do but good values can be had and the greens are very nice for such a young course.



Architect Bobby Holcomb (2008)    Par: 70

Yardage 6192 5869 5420 5024

Rating/Slope 70.8/128 69.1/125 66.6/121 67.9/125

Address: 1001 Centerville Turnpike, Chesapeake, VA 23322

Telephone 757.409.1358    Web: www.playthebattlefield.com



Quality Rating: 5/10    Value Rating: 6/10


Bay Creek Golf Virginia Beach GolferA great contrast to the Palmer Course. Superb routing where placement will pay dividends, on the provoking par 5s. The sea side holes are a bear. The massively uphill par 5 eleventh usually plays 2 extra clubs to the pedestal green with the wind howling from behind. The par 4 thirteenth is a monkey puzzle of a hole. It sits directly on the ocean and plays in between dunes which seem to narrow to nothing. There is a green up there somewhere hidden in the dunes. Full practice facility. Semi-private since it alternates public access with members. One of the two Bay Creek courses is always open to the public.  



Architect: Jack Nicklaus (2006)     Par: 72

Yardage: 7417 6789 6456 6091 5244

Rating/Slope: 76.78/144 73.9/137 72.5/135 70.7/128 68.7/124

Address: 1 Marina Village Circle, Cape Charles, VA 23310

Telephone: 757.331.8620     Web: www.baycreekresort.com



Quality Rating: 10/10    Value Rating:  7/10


Bay Creek Golf Virginia Beach GolferThe number one handicap hole par 4 third hole can crush your enthusiasm early.  Not only must you get your tee shot  far enough to have a reasonable approach over the seaside lagoon, the green is surround on both sides by trouble. The par 5 eighteenth is probably the best and most spectacular finishing hole in the region. A straight tee shot down the middle, but not to long, will leave a gamblers chance to get home in two over the water and the menacing beach bunkers.  Playing a little right of the green might yield a fortunate bounce onto the putting surface. Full practice facility. Semi-private since it alternates public access with members. One of the two Bay Creek courses is always open to the public.



Architect: Arnold Palmer (2001)    Par: 72

Yardage: 7250 6832 6328 5687 5195

Rating/Slope: 75.2/142 73.2/132 70.8/130 67.7/120 69.8/119

Address: 1 Clubhouse Way, Cape Charles, VA 23310

Telephone: 757.331.8620     Web: www.baycreekresort.com



Quality Rating: 10/10    Value Rating:  7/10


You might not expect a course with a silly name located in the working class neighborhood's of south Portsmouth to be of championship caliber. But here it is. The Scottish name means to "stay a while." Whenever Ault, Clark & Assoc. join with Curtis Strange for a project, you can bet lots of people do stay a while. The underlying terrain was not remarkable and flat. But this design team utilized the old corridors from the old course, saved the majestic pines and oaks, dug nine lakes and ponds and rebuilt this thing from the ground up. The result is a wonderfully modern and playable design. The fairways have been reworked to provide some undulation and fine drainage. Around 50 bunkers and waste areas always give you something to think about. And the slightly elevated greens complexes feature grassy hollows and expertly placed mounding. There is always a good side and bad side to miss your approach on. You just won't get bored here and with a reasonable price, you will be back.

Architect : Fred Findlay (1956)   Ault, Clark & Assoc w/ Curtis Strange (1999)    Par : 72

Yardage : 6940 6380 5860 4944

Rating/Slope : 73.5/130 71.0/126 68.5/121 68.8/113

Address : 1 Bide-A-Wee Dr., Portsmouth, VA 23701

Telephone :  757.393.8600     Web :  www.bideaweegolf.com





Quality Rating: 8/10    Value Rating: 10/10






Sort of an under appreciated local muny course. Very short.








Architect: Fred Sappenfield    Par: 70

Yardage: 5917 5593 5181

Rating/Slope: 67.9/120 66.3/116 69.1/112

Address: 3425 Clubhouse Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Telephone: 757.431.3763    Web: www.vbgov.com/parks



Quality Rating: ?/10    Value Rating:  ?/10


A nice effort at a Scottish style links course where they really moved a lot of dirt here to create wonderful separation, mounding and plateaued greens. Without trees and a flat canvas, they needed to do that to give the course character. We would say they succeeded.  Even the fairways have significant undulations and you may find yourself behind a fairway swale with a partial obstructed view as they like to do in the old world. This is a good course for the driver with lots room and some risk reward out there. The par 5 eighteenth hole will be one to remember. One of the few course with tee to green bent grass. Even for most of the offseason the course stays green.

Architect: Ault, Clark & Assoc.     Par: 72

Yardage: 7141 6456 5871 4929

Rating/Slope: 85.1/139 71.4/131 68.8/123 69.3/120

Address: 1501 Cahoon Parkway, Chesapeake, VA 23322

Telephone:  757.436.2775     Web:  www.cahoonplantation.com



Quality Rating: 7/10    Value Rating: 5/10



One of the Hampton Roads courses, sister courses to Cypress Point Country Club, Honey Bee Golf Club, Stumpy Lake Golf Club, Lake Wright Golf Course, Lambert's Point Golf Club & Owl's Creek Golf Club. Semi-private. The golf course features several strategically placed water hazards and unique doglegs that present a wonderful challenge.



Architect: Ellis Maples (1986)    Par: 71

Yardage: 6184 5694 4957 4776

Rating/Slope: 70.0/123 67.5/120 64.5/105 68.1/116

Address: 1201 Clubhouse Dr., Chesapeake, VA 23322

Telephone: 757.547.1122    Web:  www.hamptonroadsgolf.com





Quality Rating:  ?/10    Value Rating:  ?/10


Cypress Creek golf course on Virginai Beach Golfer . comOne of the most scenic courses in  the area with lots of elevations changes, lagoons, marsh views and tall strands of pine and hardwoods mixed with holes rolling over old peanut fields. Definitely the best local effort by Curtis Strange and company. There is some modest housing on the course, particularly the front side, but it really does not detract from the course. The course builds to a crescendo with six finishing holes as tough a stretch as you'll find in the area. Holes 15, 16 and 17 are some of the most photogenic holes your will find in the area, not just in design, but is the pure nature surrounding them. Finishing with a strong par 5 with vast bunkers and sentry trees tops the experience.


Architect: Ault, Clark & Assoc. and Curtis Strange     Par: 72

Yardage:7156 6573 6015 5136

Rating/Slope: 74.5/134  71.2/130 69.7/126  69.1/118

Address: 600 Cypress Creek Parkway, Smithfield, VA 23430

Telephone: 757.365.4774      Web: www.cypresscreekgolfersclub.com



Quality Rating: 9/10    Value Rating: 7/10



Formerly a private course that now allows both public and membership play. A lot of effort was put into this golf course to make it one of the higher end venues in town. For a golf course manufactured from the ground up, they did a great job. Extensive mounding and shaping was necessary to give this flat terrain some character. Every hole has a good sense of flow. You won't find many straight tee shot and working the ball off the tee is helpful.  These generous and meandering fairways are framed in by the mounds, thoughtful bunkering and lots of strategic trees. The medium sized greens complexes are very sophisticated.  Besides the good bit of slope on the putting surfaces, they are protected by an array of defenses. The bunkers, hollows, collection areas and elevation from the fairway, all work against your efforts toward par. The big negative here is the countless houses around the holes. Fortunately, they are set back sufficiently and the O.B. does not come up to much. But the housing lines almost every holes, and once in a while both sides,  which is a big design faux pas. With all the natural marshes and inlets around, its unfortunate that we only see some nature on the sixteenth and seventeenth hole. All the holes present themselves nicely except the quirky sixteenth.  It is a short par four where something between your irons and driver is all that is needed in order to set up an nice wedge in. It looks a little claustrophobic off the tee with the marsh on the right and homes on the left, all hemmed in with overhanging trees. But the landing area open up nicely, just don't try to shave off the corner. There are not a lot of high end public courses in the north end of Virginia Beach, so it is good to have one here.


Architect: Tom Clark     Par: 72

Yardage: 6541 6072 5738 5248

Rating/Slope: 71.1/124  68.8/120 67.2/115  70.3/119

Address: 5340 Club Head Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Telephone: 757.490.8822      Web:  http://www.hamptonroadsgolf.com/cypresspoint/




 Quality Rating: 8/10    Value Rating:6/10


Hamptons golf course on Virginia Beach Golfer . com 

Owned and operated by the City of Hampton, north of Virginia Beach and Norfolk, across the Hampton Roads Bay.








Architect: Michael Hurdzan    Par:



Address:  320 Butler Farm Road, Hampton, VA 23666

Telephone:  757.766.9148     Web: www.hampton.gov/thehamptons



Quality Rating: ?/10    Value Rating:  ?/10


Hell's Point on Virginia Beach Golfer . comMost of the courses in the area have a lowland feel.  Hell's Point goes one step further, it definitely provides the unique feeling of solitude in the Virginia swamps, but in a good way. The course has a lot of natural beauty with the surpisingly wide Hell's Point Creek dissecting the course and the mature swamp pines framing every hole.  No housing in sight anywhere. This 1982 strategic design is showing its age a bit and the contouring is somewhat under whelming compared to bigger shouldered modern projects. However, the test provided remains very strong. The only real elevations come from the tee boxes and greens which are just a few feet above the medium wide fairways that have just a little ebb and roll. Sixty one bunkers guide play across the fairway which sit about a foot or two above the surrounding runoff areas. The runoff areas are the remnants of the swampy lowland and not only aid in course definition, they aid in drainage and provide a suitable growing environment for the swamp pines. The course design has a nice mix of gentle doglegs, cape holes around large lakes, strategic par 5s and beautiful par 3s. The greens are medium sized with some mild undulation. While not as flashy as more contemporary designs, it still can hold its own in a peaceful environment. You might be tempted on the short par four 13th to hit driver but water is all down the left and it is hard to see that it really pinches in at around 125 yards in. Play here is during the hottest days of the summer is not for the faint of heart.  


Architect: Rees Jones (1982)    Par: 72

Yardage: 6766  6030 5624 5003

Rating/Slope: 73.3/130  69.7/122 67.9/118 71.2/116

Address: 2700 Atwoodtown Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Telephone:  757.721.3400    Web:  www.hellspoint.com


Quality Rating: 6/10    Value Rating: 7/10


Heron Ridge golf course on Virginia Beach Golfer . comFred Couples does not have a whole lot of courses in his design inventory but what he has are all exciting tracks with unique routing and extensive bunkering. You will find it all here plus a lot of manufactured elevations. Beware of the downhill par 3 fifteenth. Short is bad, but long is death with a steep drop off to water.




Architect: Fred Couples and Gene Bates (1999)    Par: 72

Yardage: 7017 6479 6044 5458 5011

Rating/Slope: 73.9/131 71.4/125 69.0/118 66.3/111 68.5/111 2973

Address: Heron Ridge Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Telephone: 757-426-3800    Web: www.heronridge.com



Quality Rating: 7/10 Value Rating: 7/10


Apparently the name was given by the wife of the developer. Much of the course is within the tight confines of a housing development.





Architect: Rees Jones (1988)    Par: 70



Address: 2500 South Independence Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Telephone: 757.471.2768    Web: www.golfhamptonroads.net



Quality Rating: ?/10    Value Rating: ?/10


Kempsville Greens on Virginia Beach Golfer . com 

Operated by the ampton Roads Golf Clubs association which is a partnership with local government.







Architect: John Kelly (1951) Ellis Maples (1985)    Par: 70

Yardage: 5843 5524 4877 4475

Rating/Slope: 68.3/122 66.5/120 63.1/108 65.3/109

Address: 4840 Princess Anne Rd., Virginia Beach,  VA  23462

Telephone:  757.474.8441    Web: www.vbgov.com/parks



Quality Rating: ?/10    Value Rating: ?/10


Kiln Creek golf course on Virginia Beach Golfer . com

Architect: Ault, Clark & Assoc (1989)    Par: 72

Yardage: 6888 6357 5897 5316 

Rating/Slope: 73.4/139 70.4/125 68.8/121 69.5/19

Address: 1003 Brick Kiln Blvd., Newport News, VA 23602

Telephone:  757.988.3220    Web:  www.kilncreekgolf.com



Quality Rating: ?/10    Value Rating: ?/10


Lake Wright golf course on Virginia Beach Golfer . comThis 1966 muny layout is usually in below average condition but has some good rates. This might have been cutting edge fifty years ago but is now a prime candidate for renovations. Hopefully they will do to it what they did to Bide-A-Wee and Red Wing and soon. The pros are the course plays entirely around the rather large Lake Wright and is unencumbered by residential housing. The only elevations come from the few feet in areas flowing toward the lake. The cons are the fairways are dead flat, the pushed up bunkers and greens do little to inspire, the fairways are barely differentiated and the design fails to take full advantage of the lake. Just to many negatives to recommend unless you are desperate. The range is sub par as well.


Architect Al Jamison (1966)    Par: 70

Yardage: 6189 5884 5146

Rating/Slope: 69.3/116 67.9/112 68.2/105

Address: 6282 Northampton Blvd., Norfolk, VA 23502

Telephone: 757.459.2255    Web: www.hamptonroadsgolf.net



Quality Rating: 4/10    Value Rating: 5/10


Lambert's Point of Virginia Beach Golfer . comThis is not your regular executive course but rather how every executive course should be. In fact, it is better than most middle tier full scale courses. It was built on a landfill behind Old Dominion University and is entirely bordered by the industrial waterfront of Norfolk and the Elizabeth River. Take an eyesore and turn it into a refuge for man and animals, this is a good idea. It is a  modern links style course with 60 foot high hills and unique holes. No course within an hour's drive has anything even close to this much elevation. Undulated fairways peppered with bunkers framed by high mounds of fescue grasses all leading to sophisticated greens complexes. Two par 5s, three  par 4s and four par 3s. Playing the course more than once might help since you often find yourself wondering what club to hit to the landing zone and where to aim when your are confronted with a semi-blind shot obscured by the high mounds. Missing a fairway or green can be costly where often one side steeply falls off, sometimes right into the water.  It is most certainly a shot makers course. Having a bunch of par 3s can slow play when the golf traffic is up, but you will be able to take in this very unique scenery of he waterfront shipping, docks, refineries and industrial Norfolk. If you want to get in a quick nine, this is your place. A first rate practice facility to work on all aspects of your game is also available.


Architect: Lester George (2007)    Par: 34/33

Yardage: 2789 2500 2197 1846

Rating/Slope: 33.7/113 32.4/107 31.3/101 30.5/99

Address: 4301 Powhatan Ave., Norfolk, VA 2358

Telephone:  757.489.1677     Web:  www.lambertspointgolf.com



Quality Rating: 8/10    Value Rating: 8/10



Nine hole executive course along the waters of the west branch of the Elizabeth River in Portsmouth. Driving range available.


Architect: Thomas Clark (1919) Ault, Clark Assoc. (2000?)    Par: 30

Yardage: 1846 Rating/Slope: 30/94

Address: 5 City Park Ave., Portsmouth, VA 23701

Telephone: 757.465.1500    Web: www.visitportsva.com/recreation.html



Quality Rating: ?/10    Value Rating: ?/10


Nansemond River golf course on Virginia Beach Golfer . comA drop dead gorgeous course featuring expansive marsh views and uniquely laid out holes. Most of the elevations come from the high bluffs overlooking the Nansemond River with its basin coming into play most of the day. The course eases you into your round but quickly picks up speed and difficulty by the third hole. The only slight blemish on the course comes at holes eight and nine where housing is a little tight along the right hand side. Be very careful here since O.B. demarcates the backyards of these homes. This is especially true on the par 5 ninth where hitting driver not only brings the houses in play on the right, but a large pond on the left. Many a golfer have found the water hazard trying to avoid the housing. The conventional wisdom is to tee off with a control club and take the water out of play then  play the hole as a true three shot par 5. The unique par 5 thirteenth is a brute of a long hole requiring a good tee shot cutting off just enough of the marsh running down the entire right side to shorten the hole a bit. This hole has two total separate green complexes so be sure you know which one you are playing to before you take your second shot. Preferably, know this before you tee off at the beginning of the day. The par 4 seventeenth requires an accurate tee shot to a blind landing zone just over a knob in the fairway. You absolutely need a tee shot that sets up a short iron since the green is virtually an island with no bailout area. A definite round killer. Full range.



Architect: Tom Steele (1999)    Par: 72

Yardage: 7337 6725 6292 5612 5171

Rating/Slope: 75.2/136 72.5/130 70.5/126 67.8/119

Address: 1000 Hill Point Rd., Suffolk, VA 23434

Telephone: 757.539.4356    Web:www.nansemondrivergolfclub.com



Quality Rating: 9/10    Value Rating: 8/10



Architect: Ed Ault    Par: 72


Rating/Slope:Address:  901 Clubhouse Way, Newport News, VA 23608

Telephone:  757.886.7925     Web:  www.nngolfclub.com



Quality Rating: ?/10    Value Rating: ?/10



Architect: Ed Ault    Par: 72


Rating/Slope:Address:  901 Clubhouse Way, Newport News, VA 23608

Telephone:  757.886.7925     Web:  www.nngolfclub.com



Quality Rating: ?/10    Value Rating: ?/10 


Oceanview Golf Course on Virgninia Beach Golfer . comIn 2000, the entire course underwent a $2.8 million redesign including rebuilding all 18 greens. With an name like Ocean View you might be disappointed that while only  two blocks from the ocean, it has no view of the ocean. You can tell this used to be a dog track where they tried hard to make a respectable course in this compact area. In most regards, they succeeded. The fairways have a hint of just enough undulation for drainage even though the entire plot is dead flat. Most holes are separated by a thin line of mature trees that have been saved from the old course. The course really shines around the greens and it's bunkering. A lot of ground was moved to give them a nice modern feel. The twenty bunkers not only direct the line of play but provide a great deal of the positive aesthetic effect. The other main feature here are the two long lakes which come into play along the fairways of four holes. Keep in mind that this is a par 70 with three relatively short par 5s. Because of that, it plays about 300 yards longer than the total yardage on the card when compared to a par 72. No housing and easy to walk. 


Architect: John Kelly and Fred Bingham (1929) redesign (2000)    Par: 70

Yardage: 6011 5615 5062 5005

Rating/Slope: 69.2/119 66.9/115 64.4/105 66.7/113

Address: 9610 Norfolk Ave., Norfolk, VA 23503

Telephone: 757.480.2094     Web:  www.oceanviewgc.com



Quality Rating: 5/10    Value Rating: 7/10


Owl Creek golf course on Virginia Beach Golfer . com 

Two par 5s and four par 4s.  Basically an executive course.







Architect: Brook Parker    Par: 62



Telephone: 757. 428.2800    Web: www.golfhamptonroads.net

Address: 411 South Birdsneck Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23451



Quality Rating: ?/10    Value Rating: ?/10


Red Wing Lake golf course Virginia BeachThe original 1968 George Cobb design got a major renovation and reopened in 2007 to high acclaim. The splendid renovation followed many of the same routings but clearance of trees and the addition of contouring has made this a local and visitor favorite  This is how a muny track should be. Modern holes and sophisticated green complexes, yet easy to walk. Not overly penal but plenty challenge for any level golfer. They even managed to manufacture a bit of elevation which is surprising so close to the ocean. While the holes are a little close to each other, they are all separated by thick mature tree strands of big pines and thoughtful contouring so you never feel cramped. The course has a natural feel and a good portion borders a nature preserve. Bald Eagles are known to nest here and witnessing one flying down your fairway is more impressive than the navy aircraft on maneuvers overhead from the nearby base. The price is very reasonable for this type of quality.  The only knock on the course is the very heavy play it gets and 5 hour rounds are common in peak season.



Architect: George Cobb (1968) Kevin Tucker (2007)    Par: 72

Yardage: 7124 6653 6133  5601  4841

Rating/Slope: 73.9/129 71.9/125 69.3/115 66.5/109 67.2/108

Address: 1144 Prosperity Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Telephone: 757.437.2037     Web: www.redwinglakegolf.com



Quality Rating: 7/10    Value Rating: 8/10


Riverfront Golf Club VirginiaA design that takes advantage of the natural underlying terrain while imposing modern features upon the abundant riverfront holes, marshes and moderate elevations. Plenty of natural beauty makes the drive west of Norfolk worth while. The front side plays a bit more through housing than the back, but the housing is sufficiently withdrawn. A repeating strategic feature here are the dissecting marshes the force you to decide whether to lay up or attempt a carry.


Architect: Tom Doak (1999)    Par: 72


Rating/Slope: 72.5/129 70.3/126 68.0/119 69.7/117

Address: 5200 River Club Drive, Suffolk, VA 23435

Telephone: 757.484.2200     Web:  www.riverfrontgolf.com



Quality Rating: 8/10    Value Rating: 7/10


Signature at West Neck golf Virginia Beach GolferPerhaps the most upscale course near the beach and central Virginia Beach. Big splashy bunkers guard the serious greens complexes. Position on approaches is critical. Missing greens on the wrong side usually leads to a delicate pitch over a deep bunker if not in a bunker. The par 5s are fantastic here and all culminate in risk reward greens. The course does lie in a large upscale residential neighborhood but thankfully, the homes are set back a good bit from the wide fairways. Where the course lacks in nature and solitude, it makes up for in design features and conditioning.


Architect:  Arnold Palmer (2002)

Par: 72    Yardage: 7010 6569 6072 5502 5012

Rating/Slope: 73.8/135 71.2/126 69.3/122 66.6/117 71.0/121

Address: 3100 Arnold Palmer Dr., Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Telephone: 757.721.2900     Web: www.signatureatwestneck.com



Quality Rating: 8/10    Value Rating: 6/10


Sleepy Hole golf course on Virginia Beach Golfer . comRenovations in 2003 took this old traditional style course into the modern era. While still not as eye popping as some of the other newer local tracts, there are a fine number of good holes here and virtually no housing. The update turned an ok course into a solid test with vastly improved conditions which takes advantage of the geographic gifts afforded here. The modern golfer will find plenty of challenge with nice moderate elevations, good routing and  plenty of water hazards. The mile-wide Nansemond River borders the course and 18 plays right down along it to a green dangerously hanging against the marshy backwater.


Architect: Russell Breeden (1972) Tom Clark (2003)

Par: 72   Yardage: 7070 6566 5950 5335 4945

Rating/Slope: 74.9/143 72.9/135 69.2/129 66.4/121 69.1/119

Address: 4700 Sleepy Hole Rd., Suffolk, VA 23435

Telephone: 757.538.4100     Web: www.sleepyholegolfcourse.com



Quality Rating: 7/10    Value Rating: 8/10


We are not real sure about this one. Is it even open for play?

Architect: J.B. Harris

Par: 71    Yardage: 5917 5522 5070

Rating/Slope: 67.5/110 66.0/107

Address:  20081 Brewer's Neck Blvd, Smithfield, VA 23430

Telephone: 757.357.3101     Web:



Quality Rating: ?/10    Value Rating: ?/10


Stumpy Lake golf course on Virginia Beach Golfer . comThe area has the potential for a decent course with mature woods and marsh views but the old school dead flat fairways are prone to flooding and soggy conditions. This 1958 Robert Trent Jones design does not portray the genius he was known for. It was either an early effort of his or he drew it up on a cocktail napkin as a lark.




Architect: Robert Trent Jones (1944)    Par: 72

Yardage: 6846

Rating/Slope: 72.2/119

Address: 4797 Indian River Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23456-1246

Telephone: 757.467.6119    Web: www.golfhamptonroads.net



Quality Rating: 4/10    Value Rating: 5/5


Architect: Dick Wilson and Russell Breeden    Par: 72

Yardage: 6340 6000 5700

Rating/Slope: 70.3/121 68.5/116 71.1/112

Address: 1227 Holland Rd., Suffolk, VA 23434

Telephone: 757.539.6298     Web:  



Quality Rating: ?/10    Value Rating: ?/10


Virginia Beach National golf course on Virginia Beach Golfer . comFormerly the TPC of Virginia Beach and still the toughest test on the beach. Since the City of Virginia Beach took over from TPC, the price became far more reasonable. It is a sprawling complex with a lot of manufactured elevations and devoid of housing. Just pure, beautiful golf. Like most Pete Dye courses, he throws a lot at you. Terraced fairways, menacing bunkers, shot defeating waste areas, holes playing into the teeth of the wind, demanding tee shots and tricky greens, all stand ready to test your metal. Check your ego at the door at this place, take if for what it is, and thoroughly enjoy a test fit for professionals.


Architect: Pete Dye    Par: 72

Yardage: 7436 7002 6535 6129 5314

Rating/Slope: 76.2/142 74.1/137 72.0/129 70.1/125 70.7/119

Address: 2500 Tournament Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Telephone: 757.563.9440     Web:  www.vbnational.com



Quality Rating: 9/10    Value Rating: 8/10


Woodlands golf course on Virginia Beach Golfer . comThis misnomer really comes from the street its on, not the few patches of trees along four holes. Poorly shaped fairways and greens complexes with mump like bunkering. If you are across the bridge in Hampton, it might be worth the little coin you pay, but there are far better options nearer to the beach.





Architect:                 Par : 69

Yardage : 5391 4990 4467 4154

Rating/Slope : 65.9/113  63.8/109 62.0/105 62.9/106

Address: 9 Woodland Road, Hampton, VA 23663

Telephone: 757. 727.1195    Web: www.hampton.gov/thewoodlands





Quality Rating: 3/10    Value Rating: 4/10



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